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Dubrovnik What and How

After getting information about your favorite series: Game of Thrones, now would you like to travel to Croatia? This beautiful city of Dubrovnik, where the shooting of King’s Landing took place, is a city in the southern part of Croatia. The part of this city is protected by the UNESCO although some parts are still open for tourists. Some of the world class conventions took place at high-class hotels and the cost is insanely high. But if you know the right place, you can just spend $200 for staying a whole week at local guesthouses.

The best time to visit this beautiful city would be around summer. As it is the best time, there would be more people come visiting this place more than it could contain. Therefore, you can take your chance in spring or fall since there will be less active in the city. You don’t need any special reasons to visit Dubrovnik. Just being there would make you feel like walking in a different era. The town itself is full of museums and you can enjoy arts in various forms. Just take a stroll around the city and you will surely enjoy every step and every turn you make.

You can enjoy cable car to take you up to the Srd Hill where you can enjoy the scenery of Dubrovnik from above. There are also a small museum and a bar with a splendid view. You might have also seen the scenes of King’s Landing which every one practically drank some wine. The city is apparently famous with its wine tasting and there are even half day tours around the city to taste the wines. If you love water sports, then there are also sea kayaking which takes approximately half – day. The tour itself will take you along the city walls south to the small cave beach and then to the island of Lokrum.

You don’t have to worry about the insides of the town. Although it appears so old in the movie, actually the town itself is already pretty modern with lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants. It would be a surprise for you to know that the Croatian locals love to hang out in cafes and bars. You will find lots of local men and women there enjoying their coffees for hours. Lastly, you should prepare for the journey ahead. Simply plan your vacation to this wonderful city and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Travel Tips How To Sleep Tightly and Keep Your Mood During Long Road Trips

If you’re a traveller who prefer to use van, car, bus, or other wheel vehicles you must be familiar with long and an exhausting feeling. In this case, the key is to rest maximally and keep your energy during the trip. Fortunately, there are ways that you can have some quality rests and good mood during your long trips:

1. Choose the Best Seat Position

If you have some extra budget, you can get the best seat position by simply choosing the best class on the bus. Higher class is usually designed to give you more comfort. If you go on long trip with your own vehicle, you can manage the comfort by maximising the seat setting, the idea is to give a wide enough distances between seats, so you can stretch the legs.

2. Put your valuable stuffs in a safe place

It’s suggested for you to make sure your luggage is in a safe place that cannot be reached by others. For example, you should separate your cash in some hidden place. It’s a prevention step that will give you calm and peace feeling so you can sleep well and tightly.

3. Keep yourself away from dehydration

It’s very important to keep your body well hydrated. You should drink water periodically but not excessive. You’ll sleep easier and more tightly if your body get enough fluid, but you’ll continue to urinate during the trip if you drink water excessively.

4. Use a neck pillow

Neck pillow is definitely a big help for your long road trips. The idea is to lean your head and keep it comfort so you won’t have a headache or any muscular problem during and after the trip. If you do not have any neck pillow or you do but somehow you forget to bring it along with you, you can choose a seat posited next to the window. As the goal to make you sleep soundly, you can wear a blindfold to block out sunlight and earplugs to block noises.

5. Select a sitting friend

Other passengers sitting next to you also affect the comfort as they can give you time to sleep by not continuing endless conversation or snoring. So, if it’s possible you can choose your sitting friend.

6. Make some stop points

It’s only possible when you’re driving your vehicle during the long trip with your families. You can mark some stop points on the map, they can be favourite rest area, recreation places, or some spots that have a beautiful panorama. It will definitely charge your energy, boost your mood, and of course make your trip more fun.

Travel and Its Benefits

Why do we require traveling? Why it is getting more and more vital that we, once in a while, change our environment and travel outer our country? Why it’s sometimes a need for our touching health to travel? Travel value is underestimated by several people. Travel is not just entertaining, fun and enjoyable. With our present lifestyles & work conditions, travel has turn into more than a choice. It is more than just having an entertaining.

During travel you’re capable to do things you normally don’t do. When traveling you go outer and are away from TVs and computers and you’re likely to be mixing with many people and cultures. People travel for different reasons. Few travel for entertain and to have good time. Many travel as a hobby. Few travel only to change and move, some people like to understand different cultures. Travel provides the person opportunity to discover, to explore & feel the sense of adventure.

Several people around the world are discovering the advantages of travel to the extent that tourism sector is growing up globally and turn into one of the main beneficial sectors in world economies. No surprise that is travel is growing up year by year.

Here are the Key Benefits of Travel:

Stress relief- as you travel mile away from your location, you’re capable to be free from your jobs and then start to rest and relax. Not just you rest your body, but also your mind. Understand that you can wake-up anytime without any alarm, without the need to be physically available at work, will take off lost of mental stress. Sometimes travel can be stressful, if your trip has many of sightseeing, or meeting a lot of people. But travel stress is different from home-stress because its positive stress. Travel is remarkable way to connect with nature that is extremely helpful for your relaxation, physically or mentally.

Physically advantages- you hike more when you travelling. You walk more often whether riding the channel or exploring the streets of city or even visiting a museum. By lay on the beach or swimming, you receive high dosage of vitamin D from the sun, something that is extremely useful for your bones & also for your positive emotions. Outer activities associated with travel can below risk of diabetes, reduce cholesterol level and lead to weight loss.

Relationship benefits- traveling with a companion & sharing similar experiences and conditions together will improve your mutual bound. 90% of youth ages 8 to 18 consider travel as a quality time spent with their family. 3 out of 4 parents say that vacations are extremely useful for the family. New locations and meeting new persons can outcome in long period relationship for many.

Happiness- several people’s associate happiness with travel. More than 50 percent of adults purchase souvenirs only to remember their vacations. Most travel store images of their destinations as a way or remembering those trips that are about beautiful sights, historic mountain, tasting new foods and new music. This is 1 reason that travel can be addictive, particularly if have enough time and cash. It has become hobby for lots of people around the globe.

The Finest Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Whilst Travelling

Most travelers know how to find the cheapest hostel room and airfare. But when it arrives to how to travel with your cash and how to access it, most travelers have a thing or 2 to learn. There’s no single better way to travel with your cash or ensure it forever accessible.

Travel Security Products:

You must ensure you forever have access to cash overseas, the better way to this is by keeping your money, traveler cheque or ATMN cards safe with travel security items. The most famous are combination padlocks, travel money belts, cable lock. Be sure to forward and buy these items before leaving.


You’ll need simple to your cash, but it is not smart plan to carry a huge amount of money around with you. It is also not a better plan to carry the bulk of your tour money around with you in cash form. If you receive luggage stolen or mugged, your trip could be ruined. Should you disperse your money around when traveling? Few should be in your wallet, also in your travel belt. But you should spare 100$ hidden in your backpack. This way if you get mugged, you’ll still have cash to tide you ever.

Credit Cards:

A credit card should just apply as a back-up choice, to reach your money when travelling. You will receive charged huge transaction fee withdraw cash in one more currency. If your card gets stolen, your details could be applied to steal your cash & essentially ruin your holiday. Forever have the detail of your card company, so you can contact then if something happen wrong.

Travelers Cheques:

These are not very famous any more with any tourist. They cost you to make & they cost you reach you cash. Often bank will provide you a worse exchange rate once converting your traveler’s cheques. Applying ATM is a simple now that have become universal.


You can find an ATM almost everywhere now. They’re far the most reliable way to access your cash when you’re travelling. You must ensure your ATM card is authorized for apply overseas before you go. You’re smart to travel with additional card, just in case you lose your only means for reaching your cash. Remember, you might be charged overseas transaction fee & conversion charges from your bank.

Cash Passport Cards:

These are becoming a very famous choice now with several travelers. You purchase this card before you leave home, and put your funds on it, but in the shape of the currency of the country where you traveling to.

What should you do?

You should travel with lots of choices to access your money. Select the best choice for you that makes you feel relax. Remember your can forever get somebody to transfer money to you globally anywhere if you run-out!

What not to do?

Avoid carrying huge amount of money, when you use an ATM separate the cash onto little amounts & hide them around your pockets, backpack, and wallet.

Do not provide your card details to anyone.

Do not apply your credit-card withdraw money at an ATM. It will cost you so much money in changes!

Advantages Of Self Planned Travel

The advent of the internet has truly speed-up and made self planned travel more pervasive & easier. These days, airlines, travel destination, hotels, car rental companies and other advertise their item more aggressively and allow the individual travelers to self plan their own travels. It is an exciting newly way to travel that appeals to more-and-more people.

The most obvious advantage here is the flexibility in the self planned travel holidays. With this from travel, you can modify the self planned travel right down to the last minute details. Sights and things that travel agents avoid can now be included in the program, allowing travelers to be more targeted in their aims. Travelers can take up more unconventional places and activities and include these into their plans. The weirdest combinations are now doable. You can plan a wine tasting trip together with a skiing trip now. Several people interested in this form of self planed travels, see this flexibility as a remarkable asset.

Secondly, with the internet, options turn into more varied for the self planned traveler. Via the internet, traveler actually can have more choices for flights, transport, hotel, activities and forth. Very often firms are willing to offer personalize service to safe the business of these travelers.

These varied choices in travel items and services also mean that there’s a top chance of getting the lowest amount for the items or services. For instance, airlines charge different price to fly to similar destinations. For the budget conscious self plan traveler, this below price range is a vital factor. And very often, the travel companies understand the rate competition is around and are willing to below their rates or offers special discounts to travelers, resulting in travelers getting top class items at lower price.

Very frequently, self planned travel involve a fir bit of person drive vacationing. This provides the travelers a remarkable way to alter or change their plans at will. If a town appears amazing a full of fun, travelers may just extend location of interest, the traveler may just replace their real plan and head for this newly location of interest. This kind of helpful change creates the complete self planned travel program extra meaningful.

Next, the group size of the self planned travel can now be up-to the travelling group. There’s no more such thing as a less size group to travel. Little group are also extremely possible for people to travel in.

One more key advantage is the improved-culture-exchange among the self planned travelers & the locals. In group trips, extended mangling with the locals are often tough as time as limited. People are forever rushing for destination to other destination. But in a self planned travel plan, travelers can pay for to spend more time interacting with local-people, thus gaining more insight onto the community. Self panned travels are often repeated because power ties are established in older trips.

Travelling in this kind of self planned travel in really gaining popularity as the advantages is substantial, especially with flexibility, ease of planning and also the culture exchange. But before anybody heat into self planned travel, it’s vital to consider some detail panning 1st.

Why You Should Travel Young

Traveling is just a brutality of humanity, it is when we travel that we notice things for what they really are, and not how we imagined them to be. Touring also lets our imagination run wild without expectations, it let us things from a newly perspective, without alleged prejudice of the planet. And while complete of this looks to be an adequate factors to trip, several are still naïve to the plan of traveling. Just as several are left in the dark to the wander and wonder, few are out there exploring and fun with world has to offer them, for it is in that short moment of youth can really experience life, as we know it.

Now the question of all remains, why should I travelling young? Personally, I can provide you a thousand reasons why you should travel when you are young but if there are wish to see the planet start to end with your : desire to see the planet” than I am afraid no amount of reasoning would suffice to induce you on go after what you wish.

So if you are one of the young guy who desire to unearth the planet’s greatest places and learn want to learns valuable lessons, but are worry to make happen, read along, might be I can convince you to tour while you still have the young.

1- travel educates you a sense of adventure- do not quote me on this 1 but based of skill, travelling allows you to have as-much-as fun as you wish without having to fear of what other people will say about you. You do not have your parents to warn you & judge you, so you can be young and wild and free.

2- Travelling educate you to be compassionate- other than the images, the souvenir and the life long memory that raveling provides you, it also edifies you of the true condition and educates you to care for other people, sometimes not your own type.

3- Travelling makes you more attractive as a person- they say that the most attractive people in the globe are those that have seen it, do you agree? It is just because of the invaluable & immeasurable life-experiences we’ve with our travelers that make as good person, and when you feel you are grater, you turn out to be more attractive.

4- Once you tour young, you travel more- let’s face it, we are totally bound to grow old and lose our fitness. While you are young, it’s best to take benefit of it and begin traveling, after all just allowed until you are 30s to hike a mountain or ride the speedy of the river.

5-Traveling makes it simply to make friends- if you back at your home town you tend to cling to the similar group of people bound by a circle of friendship, than might be you should travel more frequently. Traveling has been proven as 1 of the best ways to gain friends & build bounds; after all you’re all strangers to one another at 1 point but because of your common interests to see the globe, you’re bound by it as-well.

Now if for few strange reason, after citing complete these reasons why you should trip young and you are still not convinced; it is pretty obvious that you’ve a fear inside you that you are just trying to hide so all won’t think you’re a coward who cannot face it. Is it terror of heights or fear of unknown? Whatever it is, know that touring, particularly alone, will assist your address that fear. You only have to take the huge leap of faith and make the 1st step to make your traveling dreams a reality. You just live once; and you are only young for a small period of time, if you do not travel now, when?

3 Remarkable Tips To Stop Travel Anxiety

While most of us enjoy traveling and vacations, several find the associated travel anxiety difficult to bear. Travel anxiety is not a disease but it is rather the panic of the unknown. Fear of traveling is normally caused by many factors. Few people might worry about their homes and pets when they’re away while others may have had unpleasant traveling incidents during their previous traveling trips. Other are scared of flying. Few fret that the trip turns out to be worry and disaster about complete of details. All of these are an example of concerns related to travel that can lead to a changeable degree of uneasiness. Despite this intensity of anxiety, it can truly compromise the excitement and pleasure of the trip.

Though, travel anxiety is normal for both skilled and novice travelers mostly have positive stories to tell. Probably, they learned how to handle their anxieties & have regained the fun of travel. It is not very late; you can also beat travel anxiety by following some advice. The following five tips to end travel anxiety could prove invaluable to you planning your vacations.

Spend time making Preparations Prior to Your Trip:

From old experience, to think of the details & annoyance that troubles you about traveling. For example, you think your home will be in mess once when you step out of the door appoints a home cleaner to clean your home prior to your return. If a flights travel frightens you, you can fit yourself with your favorite book or iPod to keep busy while you are traveling. Just make a list of those things you think you will need in your trip and those things you won’t wish to be left while you’re away. The time spent arranging planning & taking care of complete the details well in advance will help to end travel anxiety.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Few people are well aware of their travel anxiety and they will often avoid taking care of the details; e.g. booking a ticket and placing etc. they’ll make excuse, avoid & procrastinate due to the older poor experiences with traveling. Only you’ve travel anxiety does not mean that avoidance will eradicate your terrors. If you truly wish to take control over anxiety, get yourself involved in the action by preparing early on and taking care of complete details.

Learn How to Cope Up With Flight Phobia:

For those who worry about flying, you might need to dig out a little deeper to get the root of this fear. Get to know fully what frightens you. Are you are claustrophobic or acrophobia? Perhaps the mechanical voice bothers you or air turbulence puts the fear into you. Complete of these fears are illogical meaning you can counter them rationality. All airlines have strict safety measures on board. When you’re abroad, trying to listen to an attendant instruction to claim your courage. Also, apply anything that you like such as listening music to disrupt your thoughts while you’re traveling.

Besides the 3 tips to travel anxiety plans listed above also make sure that you maintain proper communication using social media, etc. keeping the communication channel open loved-ones back home will keep you linked.

Observing the 3 tips listed above is a remarkable way to begin you on the path of happy-travels. Best of luck!